Are You Protecting the People You Love and the Things You Care About?

Learn how to put the proper protections in place by attending a FREE Estate Planning Workshop

September 18
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Larkspur Landing
40 Ranch Drive

September 20
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Maple Tree Inn
711 E. El Camino Real

September 22
Foster City
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Crowne Plaza
1221 Chess Drive

Learn easy ways to take control of your financial future; keep the government out of your affairs; and best protect your assets, your wishes, and the people you love if the unexpected happens to you. Register for Gary Brainin’s FREE estate planning seminar and discover:

  • The government’s “plan” for your estate, and just how much this plan will really cost you
  • Why a will is not enough to protect you or your family if the unthinkable happens
  • Critical conversations that MUST be addressed in light of changes to your family status, the law, or economic times
  • How a proper plan can shield your estate from huge “death taxes” of 40% or more
  • How to ensure your inheritance is preserved for your kids… and not a new husband or wife if the surviving spouse remarries
  • Why most family wealth never makes it beyond the third generation and how to ensure that your children and grandchildren never face this problem
  • How to keep the courts from calling the shots over your medical or financial affairs if you are disabled or incapacitated… and why most estate plans fail to deal with this
  • Why most Living Trusts don’t work, where the areas of concern and greatest risks are, and how you can correct the problems
  • Why “bare bones,” one-size-fits-all estate plans often FAIL when your family needs them the most… and how to know if you have one
  • Why your biggest asset may be at risk if you’ve refinanced your home over the past several years
  • How to protect your children’s inheritance if they get divorced someday (otherwise, up to 50% may walk out the door with the ex-in-law!)
  • The downsides to Joint Tenancy and how to avoid them using a proper estate plan
  • How to utilize your estate plan to provide a lifetime of care to a special needs child and/or grandchild

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I be asked to sign up for legal services?

No, this seminar is strictly educational. You will learn easy-to-understand and straightforward strategies to protect your family’s wealth and the people you love the most. If during the presentation you determine that your current plan is out of date, or you are not properly protected if the unthinkable happens, we will offer you the opportunity to come in for a Legacy Planning Session ($500 value) with Gary at no charge. There is no obligation to attend this session and nothing will be sold at the event.

2. Can I bring a friend?

Yes! The event is open to the public and we encourage you to bring family members or friends—especially those you may be responsible to look after in an emergency (aging parents, close relatives, etc.). However, please be sure to let us know how many people you intend to bring when registering, as space is limited.

3. Should I bring anything to the event?

You do not need to bring anything with you. We will provide you with information that you can take home and study further at your convenience.

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