• Only “wealthy” people need to worry about Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning is simply a matter of deciding who gets what
  • I don’t have a taxable estate, so I don’t need Estate Planning
  • My family will know what to do with my stuff when I am gone
  • Estate Planning is expensive


Everyone needs a plan . . . some plans are just more complex than others.

At Brainin Law Office, we excel at guiding our clients through the often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to create estate plans that ensure the well-being of families and the accomplishment of cherished goals. We take pride in integrating family owned businesses and real estate investments into the planning process. Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or a blended one, just starting out or looking back on a life well lived, Brainin Law Office will help you craft a plan to achieve your goals for today and years to come.

Most estate plans are only able to transfer your financial wealth onto the next generation. Financial Wealth is only one aspect of the value you give to your loved ones. The intangibles are much more important. We help you capture those intangibles to pass them on to your children and future generations.  Your children want to know about your values, your experiences, and the lessons you learned throughout your life.  They want to know how you feel about them. 

The wealthiest families capture these intangible assets and pass them along with their financial wealth. We’ve developed a tool that allows you to pass on your whole family wealth, including your Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual assets. It is included as part of your estate planning experience with our office and we will discuss it in more detail during your Legacy Planning Session.

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Proper Estate Planning can. . .

  • Eliminate the delay and expense of probate
  • Eliminate estate taxes
  • Eliminate capital gain tax on the sale of estate assets
  • Shelter assets from your children’s creditors and divorcing spouses
  • Provide a smooth transition for your loved ones
  • Provide for aging parents
  • Protect children from a prior marriage
  • Manage your assets when you are incapacitated
  • Provide for temporary and permanent guardians for your children
  • Keep financial matters private
  • Provide for heirs with special needs
  • Create a financial dynasty for future generations
  • Pass on your intellectual, emotional and spiritual assets.
  • And much, much more!

Brainin Law Office helps you determine what will happen to your assets and how you will take care of your family when you are gone. We specialize in extensive planning for real estate holdings, real estate management, and real estate succession with the goal of minimizing estate taxes and providing for a smooth transition in operation and ownership of property. We also integrate your business into your estate plan.

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I would love to be your trusted advisor who helps you to make the very best personal, legal, financial, and business decisions for your family. I look forward to working with you and your family.

Get started NOW, to protect your family and your future.

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To your wealth and prosperity,

Gary Brainin

P.S. – If you think this all sounds expensive, well, you are right and you’re wrong. While it will cost you money to put a plan in place, that planning is substantially less costly than it would be for your family if you died with a plan that didn’t work or if you didn’t have a plan in place at all. This planning is the foundation for a life of success!  And with the continued planning and information we will provide, you will more than recoup the cost of your planning over your lifetime.