New California Laws for 2016

In California, most new laws take effect on January 1, so the beginning of the year is always a good time to look at some of the new laws that may affect you this year. Below are a few highlights. Transfer on Death Deeds. I wrote previously on some of the pros and cons of this new law, which […]

Bay Area Estate Planning Lawyer: What happens to your mortgage after you die?

When setting up an estate plan, most people are concerned with what will happen to their belongings: money, jewelry, house, etc. But usually little thought is given to what will happen to their debts when they pass away, notably their mortgage. For years, many people expected to pay off their mortgage long before they died, […]

San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Lawyer Answers, “What are ‘Liquidated Damages’?”

In most residential real estate contracts, you’ll find a paragraph called “Liquidated Damages” that needs to be separately initialed in order to be effective.  Most buyers and sellers do initial this paragraph, but do they fully understand what they are agreeing to?  What does Liquidated Damages mean, and what happens if you don’t initial it? […]

Bay Area Elder Lawyer Perspective: Legal Concerns for Caregivers

Elder lawyers in Silicon Valley work not just with our older clients, but also with their caregivers. In many cases, this means adult children who have or will be given power of attorney, not to mention those who just step up to help when something is needed.

Menlo Park Elder Lawyer: How To Tell If Your Loved One’s Finances Are Out of Control

Elder law attorneys in Silicon Valley focus on bridging the generations, and because of that, we understand many of the nuances that create a disconnect between adult children and their aging parents.  One major issue can be that of finances.  In the older generation, it is still considered fairly taboo to discuss one’s financial situation […]

4 Reasons You Need a Will Now, According to a Bay Area Wills and Estates Lawyer

Of course it makes sense that a Menlo Park wills and estates attorney would tell you to create a will, right?  Our job is to help people plan for what will happen to their estates once they’re gone.  But, having been involved in estate planning in the Bay Area for such a long time, it’s […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Probate In Silicon Valley

Probate lawyers in San Mateo County understand that while we’re well-versed in the topic, it is a whole new world to most of our clients.  That means that you likely have lots of questions that you need answered.  Fortunately, answering those questions is exactly what we do! Do the San Mateo County Probate Courts Have […]

Advice on Medicare and Medicaid from a Wills and Trusts Lawyer in Menlo Park

Wills and trusts lawyers in Menlo Park frequently get inquiries about arrangements for long-term care. Life expectancy continues to rise, due in part to more effective treatments for diseases previously thought to be terminal. This is great news, but with a larger elderly population, new dilemmas arise, including uncertainties related to assisted and rehab care […]

Menlo Park Business Attorney Discusses New Rules for Foreign Companies in California

There are some new rules for 2011 in determining whether your foreign corporation or foreign LLC is subject to California state taxation. A foreign company (foreign corporation or foreign LLC) is a company that is organized in a different state.  Many people form their companies outside of California, either because they are engaged in business […]

When Divorced Parents Can’t Agree on Legal Guardians | Menlo Park Wills Lawyer

As a Menlo Park wills lawyer, I can’t stress enough how important it is for all parents to create a comprehensive plan that will protect their children should the unthinkable occur. But what happens if you are divorced and can’t come to an agreement with your ex-spouse as to who should raise your kids if […]

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