Planning for the Future With a Bay Area Special Needs and Guardianship Lawyer

Parenting isn’t always easy, and it’s even less so when your child has a disability.  We all have dreams of our children reaching full independence, but sometimes, this just isn’t possible.  Our children may have needs that go beyond what others require, special needs that demand specific planning in order to make sure that the […]

Why You Should Consider Working With A Special Needs Planning Attorney In The Bay Area

For parents with children with disabilities, whether minor or adult, it’s a good idea to take the extra step of meeting with a Bay Area special needs planning attorney.  This gives you the opportunity to set up the best possible scenario for your child if you are no longer able to provide care for him […]

The Letter of Intent as a Part of Your Special Needs Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area

The documentation that you create with your special needs planning lawyer in the Bay Area will be quite detailed and will take an incredible amount into consideration, but it will likely not cover every possible concern or wish you may have for your child’s future care.  For that purpose, many parents work with their lawyer […]

3 Costly Mistakes Made By Most Families With Special Needs Children

As a Peninsula estate planning attorney, I know families with special needs children have unique planning requirements. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions when it comes to securing the financial future your child deserves.  Even well-meaning caregivers and service organizations don’t understand issues and can give bad advice. It is really critical for these families to […]

Parents of Disabled Kids Discover the Importance of Menlo Park Special Needs Planning

Estate planning is incredibly important for all parents, as it allows them the opportunity to make very difficult choices.  It provides the chance to determine who will raise your minor children if you can’t, what money will be set aside or used for their upbringing, and even what money will be used to support them […]

3 Key Planning Steps for Autism Awareness Month | Menlo Park Special Needs Attorney

As a Menlo Park special needs attorney, I wanted to highlight that April is Autism Awareness Month, which seeks to educate the public about the needs and challenges facing those with autism spectrum disorders. It was only 50 years ago that autism was referred to as “refrigerator mother syndrome” by medical professionals who felt children […]

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