Fences: The Property You Share

If you own property, especially in the suburbs, there is probably a fence separating your property from your neighbors.  Most of the time, when that fence needs replacing, neighbors will work together to agree on (and split the cost of) the new fence.  That’s certainly the best way to go about it, if you can, […]

What to Look For in Disclosures When Buying a Home

Buying a home in California can be a challenge for many reasons, but one that a lot of people don’t expect is the volume of disclosures that they will receive during the process. If you’re working with a good agent, she or he should help you with the specifics of the particular property you’re considering, […]

Avoiding Trouble When Subletting

In my practice, the majority of subletting situations I see involve commercial leases.  Many residential landlords forbid subletting altogether, and commercial leases tend to be for longer periods of time, so commercial leases see more sublets. Why sublet?  It’s all about flexibility.  Maybe you expect your business to expand, so you want a space that’s […]

Net or Gross? Santa Clara Real Estate Lawyer Talks the Complexities of Commercial Leases

By the time most people reach adulthood, they have experienced leasing property.  Whether it’s a house, an apartment, or just a room in a shared home, leasing a living space is a common experience. Leasing a business property, however, is very different from leasing a residential property.  A lot of the terms of a residential […]

Santa Clara Real Estate Lawyer: Dealing With Abandoned Vehicles

It can happen in almost any neighborhood: One day you notice that there’s a car, truck, or RV (usually an old one) that’s been in the same spot on the street for what seems like forever.  It’s an eyesore, it’s taking up a valuable parking spot, and if it’s in front of your house you […]

Bay Area Real Estate Lawyer Says, “Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors”

As a Bay Area real estate lawyer, I often get calls from clients who have just discovered that the fence they thought was the border between them and their neighbor is not, in fact, on the property line.  This can often lead to a very tense situation with the neighbor. Most of the houses in […]

San Francisco Real Estate Attorney Answers, “What Are Easements?”

The first time many people really notice easements is when they see the Preliminary Title Report on the first property they buy. I see this often as a San Francisco real estate attorney.  It is not unusual for California properties, particularly in urban or suburban areas, to have a half dozen or more easements of […]

San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Lawyer Answers, “What are ‘Liquidated Damages’?”

In most residential real estate contracts, you’ll find a paragraph called “Liquidated Damages” that needs to be separately initialed in order to be effective.  Most buyers and sellers do initial this paragraph, but do they fully understand what they are agreeing to?  What does Liquidated Damages mean, and what happens if you don’t initial it? […]

Do You Own Real Estate Outside California?

Many people buy real estate as an investment outside of California because it is cheaper and the rents usually are in excess of the cost to operate the property.  If you are thinking about buying out of state property, consider these things: You should visit your property on a regular basis – at least once […]

What is an Easement?

The dictionary defines “easement” as “a right held by one property owner to make use of the land of another for a limited purpose, as right of passage.” This means that, even though you are the legal owner of your property, someone else has the legal right to use it.  The most common example of […]

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