Negotiating Your Business Lease | Palo Alto and Menlo Park Real Estate Attorneys

Unless you own the building where your business is, you will need to lease space, probably on a long-term basis.  A lot of business owners are presented with a preprinted form by the landlord and told to sign—and many just sign the form “as is.” Unlike renting an apartment or house for your residence, the […]

Warning from Menlo Park Real Estate Attorney: California homeowners will soon be required to install carbon monoxide detectors.

Starting in July 1, 2011 all existing single-family homes that have fossil-fuel burning appliances, fireplaces, and/or an attached garage must install a carbon monoxide detector.  As of January 1, 2013, all other types of housing, such as apartments and hotels, must have one installed. The detector must sound an audible warning once carbon monoxide is […]

Menlo Park Real Estate Attorney Answers, “As a Condominium Owner, What Repairs are Your Responsibility and What Repairs Belong to the HOA?”

Clients regularly call our office with issues that arise between them and their home owner association.  It seems as though the HOA is constantly dictating what they can and cannot do to their individual units.  In addition, when things go wrong, there is usually a fight between the client and the HOA about who is […]

Nine Important Items to Consider When Negotiating a Lease

Most business owners execute long-term leases to secure a place of operation. Usually, the business owner is presented with a preprinted form by the landlord and told to sign. And most business owners sign the document “as is.” This does not mean that they did not review it, but it usually means that (a) they […]

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