San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Lawyer Answers, “What are ‘Liquidated Damages’?”

In most residential real estate contracts, you’ll find a paragraph called “Liquidated Damages” that needs to be separately initialed in order to be effective.  Most buyers and sellers do initial this paragraph, but do they fully understand what they are agreeing to?  What does Liquidated Damages mean, and what happens if you don’t initial it? […]

Negotiating Your Business Lease | Palo Alto and Menlo Park Real Estate Attorneys

Unless you own the building where your business is, you will need to lease space, probably on a long-term basis.  A lot of business owners are presented with a preprinted form by the landlord and told to sign—and many just sign the form “as is.” Unlike renting an apartment or house for your residence, the […]

Bay Area Business and Real Estate Attorney says: Ninth Circuit Court Ruling Impacts Every Business “Proposal”

If you are a real estate investor or businessperson that regularly deals with contracts, especially offers to purchase property or assets, you need to know about a surprising decision handed down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of California. In First National Mortgage Company v. Federal Realty Investment Trust (9th Cir. 2011) 631 F.3d […]

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