Do You Need a Santa Clara County Probate Lawyer?

Santa Clara County probate lawyers have a pretty complex job to do, and it can be even more difficult because of the fact that many people don’t really even know what the probate process is.  This isn’t all that surprising, as by the time a person needs probate, it’s because he or she has passed […]

San Mateo County Probate Lawyers Don’t Like Surprises

Sure, the typical probate lawyer in San Mateo county might like a surprise birthday party or an unexpected bit of good news, but when it comes to probate, the fewer surprises, the better.  One of the main purposes of estate planning, after all, is to detail how an individual would like for things to proceed […]

Is Probate Such a Terrible Thing? | Probate Lawyers In The Bay Area

Probate attorneys in the Bay Area are well aware of how difficult the process can be for families and friends who are grieving, for those who value privacy, and even for those who need to get an estate closed to pay off debts and take care of other obligations.  Day in and day out, probate […]

Working with a Probate Attorney in the San Francisco Peninsula to Understand the Steps of the Process

Even if someone has a will in place, it’s nearly certain that his or her estate will need to be overseen by a good probate attorney in the San Francisco Peninsula.  These professionals understand the incredibly complex process that goes along with closing out someone’s estate after he or she has passed away.  Those who […]

Proactive Planning With a Probate Lawyer In Menlo Park Helps To Avoid Will Contests

Probate lawyers in Menlo Park work with their clients to put together plans that clearly explain what the client wants.  At least, that’s the hope.  When it comes to the administration of a will, however, there are several instances where a will is contested, often by an adult child of the decedent. One of the […]

How to Contest a Will in Menlo Park

Despite the best efforts of wills and trusts lawyers in Menlo Park, there are times when a will is challenged.  There can be many reasons why this happens, and it is up to the courts to determine what is appropriate in these situations.  Some of these include: The will wasn’t signed The person creating the […]

Questions for a Probate Attorney in California: Does All Property Go Through Probate?

Probate attorneys in California are charged with the responsibility of helping a deceased’s loved ones through the probate process.

Menlo Park Probate 101: The Basics

Since probate laws vary from state to state, it’s just good sense to work with an estate planning attorney in the Bay Area who will be up-to-date on all of the most recent information.

Probate Tips for Getting Through the Process Faster and with Less Hassle in San Mateo County

Probate lawyers in the Bay Area are well aware of the hassles and headaches that families face when a loved one’s estate goes into probate.  The process can drag out, eating up not just time but also resources that would have otherwise gone to beneficiaries.  Appointed executors find themselves with burdensome responsibilities that can compound […]

A Bay Area Probate Lawyer Gives Provides a Quick Overview of the Probate Process

In some circles, “probate” almost feels like a dirty word.  There are plenty of reasons that a person may prefer to skip the probate process, when possible, but it is a fact of wills and estate administration.  The details of probate can vary somewhat from place to place.  For example, probate in California will likely be […]

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