The Infamous Prenup and the Bay Area Lawyers Who Create Them

Generally, we hear about prenuptial agreements when a celebrity split is splashed across the tabloids.  What you don’t usually hear about are the Bay Area prenup lawyers who are charged with making sure the stars are covered in the case of a high-profile divorce.  We may not have a lot of famous folks here in […]

How to Make Your Prenup in Menlo Park Last Longer Than Your Marriage

Prenuptial lawyers in Menlo Park wish that all marriages would stand the test of time.  The sad truth, however, is that about half of marriages really do end in divorce.  While no couple should get married anticipating that this will happen, working out some prenuptial details is the best way to protect you and your […]

Prenuptial Agreements as a Part of Newlywed Planning in Menlo Park

There are few times in life that are as exciting and full of promise as the period of wedding and newlywed planning.  People know that their wedding day will be one of the most remembered of their lives.  While there is certainly stress involved in making so many decisions, there is also an underlying sense […]

Menlo Park Lawyer Explains How a Prenuptial Agreement is a Key Piece of Estate Planning Too

If you’re thinking about having a prenup drawn up before you tie the knot in the Bay Area, you may want to find an attorney who focuses on estate planning, too. Perhaps surprisingly to some, a prenuptial agreement can be a key piece of estate planning documentation. Many couples in Menlo Park see the importance […]

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