Santa Clara Estate Planning Lawyer Discusses Protecting Your Kids Should Something Happen to You

One of my greatest passions as a Santa Clara estate planning lawyer is educating parents about how important it is to prepare for their untimely death. Not a fun topic, I realize. But it just takes one sad circumstance of parents passing away and leaving the kids to deal with squabbling relatives to understand how […]

Santa Clara Will Attorney: Five Considerations When Choosing a Legal Guardian for Your Kids

Choosing a legal guardian who can raise your kids if you are unexpectedly incapacitated or pass away can be a daunting and difficult challenge. There are many things to take into account such as parenting styles and the potential guardian’s ability to love and take care of your children. These are just some of the […]

Silicon Valley Guardianship Lawyer Answers, “Will My Ex Get My Kids If Something Happens To Me?”

The short answer is: it depends. This is a question we get a lot, and one we typically discuss at length with non-married parents during our planning sessions. When one of the parties of a divorce decree dies, this will end the custody agreement because there’s no longer anything to govern. In most cases, custody […]

Temporary Guardianships for Minors Are Often Overlooked in Estate Planning

Santa Clara guardianship lawyers put a lot of effort into helping clients prepare for all kinds of possibilities. From the “perfect” retirement plan to setting up trusts and family foundations, they work to provide strategies for pretty much every stage of life. While estate planning lawyers recommend naming long-term guardians for minor children in case […]

Silicon Valley Estate Planning Tips for New Mothers

When you have a new baby, a visit to the estate planning lawyer isn’t usually very high on your priority list.

Menlo Park Will Lawyer Offers Essential Estate Planning Considerations for Parents

Being a responsible parent is an ongoing labor of love, and things like estate planning can get overlooked in favor of bedtime stories with toddlers, homework reminders for grade schoolers and trying to decide whether or not your teen is responsible enough to drive to school on his own and, and, and…

Bay Area Guardianship Attorney Explains How to Physically and Financially Protect Your Children If Something Happens To You

Parents in Silicon Valley rely on a lot of outside help when it comes to raising their children.  From family members to school systems to friends who pass on advice and hand-me-downs, it really does take a village to raise a child.  When it comes to estate planning, however, it is up to you to […]

When Divorced Parents Can’t Agree on Legal Guardians | Menlo Park Wills Lawyer

As a Menlo Park wills lawyer, I can’t stress enough how important it is for all parents to create a comprehensive plan that will protect their children should the unthinkable occur. But what happens if you are divorced and can’t come to an agreement with your ex-spouse as to who should raise your kids if […]

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