Claiming Death Benefits in the Bay Area

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences to deal with in life. What makes the situation even harder is the financial aspect that accompanies funeral and burial expenses. Money is often the last thing grieving families want to think about but, unfortunately, expenses related to death must be paid […]

Silicon Valley Estate Tax Attorney: The Future of the Federal Estate Tax

The IRS just announced the 2016 federal estate tax exemption amount, which will be $5.45 million per person (effectively $10.9 million for married couples). This means that wealthy Americans will be able to leave up to $10.9 million to their heirs without being subject to federal estate tax rates, which top out at 40%. In […]

Prepare Now For Year-End Changes to Estate Tax Laws

The expiration of key laws in Congress may mean your estate is at risk of owing 35-55% in “Death Taxes” after your passing.  Learn how to protect your estate from the IRS and steps to take to “opt-out” of the government’s plan for your money. Key legislation is set to expire at the end of […]

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