San Francisco Bay Area Pet Trust Lawyer: Pet Trusts…They’re Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Not too long ago, a person who decided to leave an inheritance behind for their pet might be considered eccentric, to say the least. Take, for example, the case of Leona Helmsley: when she died in 2007, she left her dog Trouble an inheritance worth $12 million. While there may have been other factors weighed […]

Who Would Care For Your Pet If Something Happens To You? San Francisco Peninsula Estate Lawyer Answers

So many Americans are pet owners, and estate lawyers in the San Francisco Peninsula have various ways of helping their clients to care for these pets.  To be honest, it’s pretty common to overlook the potential need to plan for a pet after your death, but it’s something that more and more people are recognizing […]

Estate Planning in Menlo Park Should Include Your Pets

Wills and trust attorneys in Menlo Park see a variety of situations both before and after our clients pass away.  While family bickering and grief are certainly a darker aspect to what we do, there is another situation that often brings about difficulty.  What happens to a pet when you pass away? This isn’t something […]

Silicon Valley Estate Planning that Incorporates Your Pets

Many clients who seek out estate planning in the Bay Area have concerns when it comes to caring for their pets.  After all, our pets rely on us for everything – although we all know that we gain so much in return.  When engaging in estate planning with an attorney, you likely want to ensure […]

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