Ask an Elder Law Attorney in Silicon Valley: How to Apply for VA Benefits

One of the benefits of serving in the US military is health care through the Veterans Administration.  There are a variety of benefits available for both veterans and surviving spouses, and the criteria for each can vary.  Some estate planning attorneys and elder law attorneys in Silicon Valley work with veterans specifically in order to […]

Talk With Your Bay Area Elder Lawyer about Recent Medicare Changes

Recent changes to Medicare are giving elder lawyers and their clients some new options, and you may want to meet with your California attorney to see if they apply to you.  A class-action lawsuit was brought, and the proposed settlement has some big implications for those with disabilities and chronic conditions. For decades, standard Medicare […]

July Is National Sandwich Generation Month: 5 Ways To Help Aging Parents Plan For The Future

As our parents get older and begin to lose their independence, many will turn to their adult children to help them navigate the complicated and costly world of long-term care. Yet for adult children already caring for young kids of their own, this new role of “caregiver” can be in a difficult one to assume.   […]

Advice on Medicare and Medicaid from a Wills and Trusts Lawyer in Menlo Park

Wills and trusts lawyers in Menlo Park frequently get inquiries about arrangements for long-term care. Life expectancy continues to rise, due in part to more effective treatments for diseases previously thought to be terminal. This is great news, but with a larger elderly population, new dilemmas arise, including uncertainties related to assisted and rehab care […]

Elder Attorney in Menlo Park Offers Solid Advice in Pre-Planning for Nursing Home Care

The decisions regarding placing a family member into a nursing home are some of the toughest that can be faced.  Talking to a Menlo Park elder attorney in advance can provide an invaluable opportunity for pre-planning.  Unfortunately, many people do not think ahead when it comes to nursing home care, and that means that choices […]

Working with Your Menlo Park Elder Lawyer to Determine Your Long-Term Care Insurance Needs

For just about any Menlo Park elder lawyer, it is clear that Americans are living longer, fuller lives.  We are fortunate to be getting more and more quality years in the typical lifespan.  Of course, there is still a need to plan for accidents, illness, and the eventual possibility that long-term care will be necessary. […]

Silicon Valley Wills and Estates Lawyer Asks, “Will Your Small Business Survive after Your Death?”

You’ve worked so hard for the success of your small business, but have you thought about what will happen to it after you’re gone?  By planning in advance, the small business owner can ensure that his or her wishes are followed should the unthinkable occur.  Not only does this kind of planning make for an […]

Menlo Park Estates Lawyer Offers Advice on Talking to Your Parents about Their Estates

As a Menlo Park estates lawyer, I know how common it is for each generation to avoid planning for their deaths.  Few people are eager to spend time thinking about their own mortality, including the parents that raised and cared for us.  Unfortunately, not spending a little time with a Menlo Park estates lawyer can […]

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