Soon-to-Be Parents – Here’s One More New Thing to Learn! | Santa Clara Guardianship Lawyer

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Your world is about to become brighter and sweeter than you ever imagined. I know that you are in the process of learning a lot of new things. So, as your neighborhood Santa Clara guardianship lawyer, I’m hoping that in between the baby showers and reading “What to Expect,” you spend a […]

Leaving Property and Money to Minor Children in Silicon Valley

Here at Brainin Law Office, our entire legal team is passionate about helping parents name legal guardians for their children. It’s a critical step that allows parents to document the people they want and trust to raise their kids if they are incapacitated or unexpectedly pass away. But there is another area of planning for […]

Michael Jace’s Kids Spend 4 Painful Hours In Police Custody Following The Death of Their Mother… And Menlo Park Guardianship Lawyer Explains How To Protect Your Own Kids From Child Protective Services If Something Happens To You

Much to the public’s shock and surprise, actor Michael Jace, best known for his role in “The Shield,” was charged with murder following the untimely death of his wife in May. According to reports, Jace called 911 on himself after allegedly shooting his wife in front of his small children.  Besides the obvious trauma that […]

Menlo Park Will Lawyer Offers Essential Estate Planning Considerations for Parents

Being a responsible parent is an ongoing labor of love, and things like estate planning can get overlooked in favor of bedtime stories with toddlers, homework reminders for grade schoolers and trying to decide whether or not your teen is responsible enough to drive to school on his own and, and, and…

Creating a Temporary Guardianship for Your Minor Child in Silicon Valley

Estate planning lawyers in Menlo Park work daily with families who want to use their wills and trusts to set up guardianships for their minor children.  They go through extensive thought, planning, and soul-searching to make just the right choice in who will take over raising their children should they become unable to do so.  […]

Working With A Silicon Valley Estates Lawyer To Leave Behind an Intangible Legacy

When it comes to leaving an inheritance for our children, many parents automatically think of leaving cash, properties, and life insurance proceeds behind.  But for kids who find themselves devastated after the loss of a parent, it’s often intangible assets that carry the most value and provide deep comfort during such a difficult time. These […]

Bay Area Probate Lawyer Weighs in on Whether to Add Your Child to Your Bank Accounts to Avoid Probate

Individuals engaged in estate planning often get panicky when they hear the word “probate.”  When the term hasn’t been fully explained by a probate lawyer (and sometimes even when it has), it conjures visions of long waits, loss of inheritance, and many other hassles for heirs of an estate. To calm these fears (and to […]

Silicon Valley Estates Lawyer Suggests Letting Your Teens Know Now About Their Inheritance

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, your teenage children may already have an idea of what would happen if you and your spouse were to pass away. They may not know the exact dollar amount of the money that they would inherit, but they probably have an idea of who they would live with and that […]

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