Watch Out for Business Scams

There are a lot of advantages to organizing your business as a Corporation or LLC: limiting your personal liability, having a clear business structure when adding owners, and allowing your business to continue after you are gone, just to name a few.  But it is true that (like most things in business) these benefits come […]

Your Business Succession Plan in California

If your business is past its start-up phase, it’s not too early to think about business succession planning.  You may expect to be continuing in business for decades, but unexpected events can arise, and even if they don’t, a long-established plan is more likely to go smoothly when you eventually leave your business. Succession planning […]

Working With Your Partner’s Spouse

Starting a new business is always an exciting time.  When you are going into business with someone else, it’s a little bit like planning a wedding.  You’re both looking forward to a successful partnership that will be mutually beneficial. But, also like marriage, not every partnership works out well.  Even if you don’t come to […]

Foreign (and Not So Foreign) Companies | Menlo Park Business Lawyers

When you set up an entity for your business, whether it’s a Corporation, an LLC, or something else, that is something that you do in a particular state.  What happens, then, when a company does business in more than one state?  That’s where the concept of a Foreign company comes in. Many people are initially […]

Handling Job Interviews

Interviewing for employees in the San Francisco Bay area is no longer a routine process, but one that must be approached carefully to avoid violation of various employment laws.

Who Really Needs a Business Lawyer in Menlo Park?

Nearly every business in the San Francisco Peninsula can and should use the services of a good business lawyer. This means large and small businesses alike.

Business Planning for the Unexpected in California

Business planning tends to revolve around where you are right now, where you’re going in the near future, and, hopefully, where you’re going to be quite a ways down the road.  One aspect of business planning in California that is easily overlooked, however, is what happens to the business after you are gone.  Sure, there […]

Menlo Park Business Attorney Warns, “Business Partners Need an Exit Strategy, Too”

Like people who are planning a marriage, people who decide to go into business together are usually pretty optimistic about their future.  And like people getting married, people going into business together should consider the possibility that things might not work out. What will you do if you and your partner can’t get along and […]

Business Attorney In Menlo Park Urges You to Keep Your Personal and Corporate Matters Separate

As a business attorney in Menlo Park, I know that everyone is concerned with potential exposure to liability, and this is especially true when you own and operate a business. There are many ways to shelter your personal assets from business-related liabilities, one of which is to incorporate your business. This means forming a corporation […]

Bay Area Attorney Offers Advice on Making Intelligent Business Decisions During Bad Economic Times

If you’re a business owner in today’s economy, you’re probably struggling to keep your doors open. During my years of practice, I have seen many down markets. While this one is pretty bad, the reaction to it is no different than the ones in the past. No one thinks they are going to survive, but […]

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