Business Planning for the Unexpected in California

Business planning tends to revolve around where you are right now, where you’re going in the near future, and, hopefully, where you’re going to be quite a ways down the road.  One aspect of business planning in California that is easily overlooked, however, is what happens to the business after you are gone.  Sure, there […]

Santa Clara County Business Owners: Five Benefits that Estate Planning Can Provide You

Creating and building a successful business in Santa Clara County is incredibly difficult and maintaining that success is just as challenging. You hire accountants and lawyers to make sure you are protected from those who seek to take away what you have worked so hard to achieve, but are you protected from those that will […]

Working with a Business Planning Lawyer in Santa Clara to Choose a Business Entity

With so much information to share on the types of business entities to consider, this post will appear in two parts. The first will look at some of the more commonly recognized entities that business planning lawyers in Santa Clara help set up, and the second will delve a bit deeper. Without the help of […]

Protecting Your Business Purchase with a Non-Competition Agreement

Buying a business can be one of the most complex transactions that a person ever engages in.  There are seemingly endless details that need to be addressed, but from the buyer’s perspective there may be none more important than the non-competition clause. Whether you’re buying a business on the open market, from a friend or […]

Doing Business As . . .

There are countless concerns that a new business owner has, and one key early decision affects many facets of the business: What will your business be called? Your business name obviously has an effect on your marketing and appearance in the community, but there are some legal considerations to your business name, as well. Fictitious […]

How a Santa Clara Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Assets

There’s a fairly constant drive that Santa Clara estate planning lawyers see in our society to continually acquire assets.  After all, that’s one of the ways we accumulate wealth, which we then ask the estate planning lawyer to help us pass on.  Simply gathering more and more assets isn’t always the best approach to building […]

Estate Planning for your Business

If you own your own small business, it’s likely that business is one of the two most valuable assets you own (the other being your real estate).  Integrating your business plan with your estate plan is therefore of critical importance. Business succession planning can be quite complex and can vary widely depending on the nature […]

“Boilerplate” Language: Last in the Series

The last couple of months we discussed two key “boilerplate” provisions often found in business contracts: the attorney fee clause and the arbitration clause.  I’d like to close our discussion of boilerplate with a brief overview of some of the other items you may see. Choice of Law: Some contracts contain a provision stating which […]

Business Planning Attorneys in California Recommend Living Trusts

California business attorneys see again and again how folks underappreciate just what they can do to protect their businesses through estate planning.  After spending years building a solid business, it should almost go without saying that you want to protect what you’ve created.  One way is to work with a business planning attorney to create […]

“Boilerplate” Language: Attorney Fee Clauses

Most business contracts feature some “boilerplate” clauses covering a number of items that may seem incidental to the main thrust of the agreement.  Many people are tempted to skim past this language or ignore it entirely, assuming it is “just standard,” but these clauses can sometimes make an enormous difference. This month, I would like […]

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