San Francisco Business Lawyer Warns, “Don’t Let Your Trade Secrets Slip Away”

Trade secret law protects the advantage that information gives your business. In the broadest sense, a trade secret is any information you have which gives you a competitive advantage, and which is kept secret. This covers everything from inventions to your customer list. The key factor is that some of that value comes from the […]

Business Attorney In Menlo Park Urges You to Keep Your Personal and Corporate Matters Separate

As a business attorney in Menlo Park, I know that everyone is concerned with potential exposure to liability, and this is especially true when you own and operate a business. There are many ways to shelter your personal assets from business-related liabilities, one of which is to incorporate your business. This means forming a corporation […]

Bay Area Attorney Offers Advice on Making Intelligent Business Decisions During Bad Economic Times

If you’re a business owner in today’s economy, you’re probably struggling to keep your doors open. During my years of practice, I have seen many down markets. While this one is pretty bad, the reaction to it is no different than the ones in the past. No one thinks they are going to survive, but […]

Business Reduction Requires Care, Advises Menlo Park Business Attorney

It is never pleasant when a business downturn requires you to lay off employees.  Particularly if you expect a turnaround, you may be thinking that a short-term furlough (working 4 days a week instead of 5) would be a better option for all parties: you get the needed cost reduction, and your employees aren’t completely […]

Menlo Park Business Attorney Discusses New Rules for Foreign Companies in California

There are some new rules for 2011 in determining whether your foreign corporation or foreign LLC is subject to California state taxation. A foreign company (foreign corporation or foreign LLC) is a company that is organized in a different state.  Many people form their companies outside of California, either because they are engaged in business […]

Bay Area Business and Real Estate Attorney says: Ninth Circuit Court Ruling Impacts Every Business “Proposal”

If you are a real estate investor or businessperson that regularly deals with contracts, especially offers to purchase property or assets, you need to know about a surprising decision handed down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of California. In First National Mortgage Company v. Federal Realty Investment Trust (9th Cir. 2011) 631 F.3d […]

Menlo Park Business Attorney – Protect Your Business in a Tight Economy

Businesses often want to “cut” things when times are bad . . . prices, employees, space.  There are right and wrong ways to do this. When you cut your prices, what do you end up doing? You cut quality to make up the difference. When you compromise the quality of your work, it inevitably results […]

Downsizing your Labor Force

It is never easy to terminate employees, but when downsizing you want to avoid potential legal pitfalls.  Just because you need to downsize doesn’t mean that you are exempt from discrimination or wrongful termination claims.  If the people you are laying off are older or minorities or are members of a class that is usually […]

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