Working with a Business Planning Lawyer to Choose a Business Entity: Part II

A previous post looked at some of the most common business entities that a Santa Clara business planning lawyer will recommend for clients. From the simplicity of a sole proprietorship to the complexity of an S corporation, that piece shared some advantages and disadvantages of each entity when it comes to implementation, accountability, and taxation. […]

Doing Business As . . .

There are countless concerns that a new business owner has, and one key early decision affects many facets of the business: What will your business be called? Your business name obviously has an effect on your marketing and appearance in the community, but there are some legal considerations to your business name, as well. Fictitious […]

Menlo park Business Lawyer Answers, “What is an LLC?”

Limited Liability Companies, or LLCs, have been an available business form in California since 1996, but despite being around for so long, a lot of people don’t really understand what an LLC is, and whether it is an appropriate way to organize their business. Before LLCs became available, the most popular traditional business forms in […]

Who Really Needs a Business Lawyer in Menlo Park?

Nearly every business in the San Francisco Peninsula can and should use the services of a good business lawyer. This means large and small businesses alike.

New Types of California Corporations for 2012

If you are in a business where demonstrating your social responsibility is a competitive advantage, you may be interested in the two new types of corporations that California has authorized this year: Flexible Purpose Corporations and Benefit Corporations.  These new corporate forms fall between traditional for-profit corporations, whose primary purpose is to maximize shareholder value, […]

Business Attorney In Menlo Park Urges You to Keep Your Personal and Corporate Matters Separate

As a business attorney in Menlo Park, I know that everyone is concerned with potential exposure to liability, and this is especially true when you own and operate a business. There are many ways to shelter your personal assets from business-related liabilities, one of which is to incorporate your business. This means forming a corporation […]

Menlo Park Business Attorney Discusses New Rules for Foreign Companies in California

There are some new rules for 2011 in determining whether your foreign corporation or foreign LLC is subject to California state taxation. A foreign company (foreign corporation or foreign LLC) is a company that is organized in a different state.  Many people form their companies outside of California, either because they are engaged in business […]

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