Santa Clara Real Estate Lawyer: Dealing With Abandoned Vehicles

It can happen in almost any neighborhood: One day you notice that there’s a car, truck, or RV (usually an old one) that’s been in the same spot on the street for what seems like forever.  It’s an eyesore, it’s … Continue reading

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What the IRS Says about Estate Taxes | Menlo Park Estate Tax Lawyer

Estate tax lawyers in California spend a lot of time learning and relearning tax law, as provisions change continually.  In addition to knowing the various types of state taxes that could affect an estate, it’s also necessary to keep up … Continue reading

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Menlo Park Estate Planning: It’s Not About You

Of course, any Menlo Park estate planning lawyer’s goal is to satisfy the client; but in the long run, a lot of estate planning focuses on those left behind.  In creating an estate plan that disperses your assets in the … Continue reading

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Robin Williams, ‘Affluenza,’ and Your Menlo Park Estate Plan

The death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams was a sad event for many, but those most struggling would be his children.  Williams had an estate plan that was created in a way that worked to protect them from … Continue reading

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San Francisco Peninsula Trust Lawyer Says, “Plan Now To Avoid Becoming A Burden Later”

San Francisco Peninsula trust lawyers help all sorts of people deal with the subject no one wants to talk about—what happens after you die.  When your loved ones are grieving, it can be hard to devote proper time and energy … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Prenup in Menlo Park Last Longer Than Your Marriage

Prenuptial lawyers in Menlo Park wish that all marriages would stand the test of time.  The sad truth, however, is that about half of marriages really do end in divorce.  While no couple should get married anticipating that this will … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Estate Lawyer: How Long Does Your Will Need to Be in California?

Any estate lawyer in Silicon Valley will tell you that every person needs a will.  Sure, the wealthy may have more assets to distribute, but pretty much everyone still needs to have their last wishes laid out in a legal … Continue reading

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Working With Your Partner’s Spouse

Starting a new business is always an exciting time.  When you are going into business with someone else, it’s a little bit like planning a wedding.  You’re both looking forward to a successful partnership that will be mutually beneficial. But, … Continue reading

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Planning for the Future With a Bay Area Special Needs and Guardianship Lawyer

Parenting isn’t always easy, and it’s even less so when your child has a disability.  We all have dreams of our children reaching full independence, but sometimes, this just isn’t possible.  Our children may have needs that go beyond what … Continue reading

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But I Don’t Live on a California Estate!

There’s this mistaken notion that estate planning lawyers in Menlo Park often have to confront that the only people who need their services are the very wealthy.  After all, the word “estate” conjures up images of mansions nestled among perfectly-manicured … Continue reading

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