Who Would Care For Your Pet If Something Happens To You? San Francisco Peninsula Estate Lawyer Answers

So many Americans are pet owners, and estate lawyers in the San Francisco Peninsula have various ways of helping their clients to care for these pets.  To be honest, it’s pretty common to overlook the potential need to plan for … Continue reading

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Learning More about Wills and Trusts Lawyers in California

Residents of California often find themselves procrastinating, even if they know the importance of meeting with a wills and trusts lawyer.  The whole subject just seems so complicated, and there are certainly more enjoyable ways to spend one’s time then … Continue reading

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Menlo Park Will Lawyer Says “Exercise Caution When Purchasing Annuities”

Will lawyers in Menlo Park have a variety of tools at their disposal to help their clients make the best possible choices when it comes to creating long-term plans for their wealth.  Wills, trusts, prenuptial agreements, insurance policies… there are … Continue reading

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Should You Go It Alone or Hire A San Francisco Peninsula Business Lawyer?

Businesses in the San Francisco Peninsula area will almost always benefit from the services of a business lawyer.  While a business owner can certainly fill a whole lot of roles, that of attorney is often one of the trickiest.  It’s … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Lawyer In Silicon Valley Talks Conservatorships

Every once in a while, we see situations where some celebrity seems to be going off the deep end, and someone—usually a parent—is named as their “conservator.”  But what exactly does this mean, and are out-of-control starlets the only ones … Continue reading

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Common Myths Menlo Park Estate Planning Lawyers Encounter

Estate planning lawyers in Menlo Park sometimes feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle.  We have seen first-hand just how important a good estate plan is, and we certainly want others to understand why it’s imperative.  Unfortunately, there are a … Continue reading

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Should You Create Your Own Wills and Trusts in the Bay Area?

We live in an incredible age where all kinds of information is right at our fingertips via the Internet.  We have more power to learn and do things for ourselves than at any other time in history.  This is great … Continue reading

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Prenuptial Agreements as a Part of Newlywed Planning in Menlo Park

There are few times in life that are as exciting and full of promise as the period of wedding and newlywed planning.  People know that their wedding day will be one of the most remembered of their lives.  While there … Continue reading

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Work With an Elder Law Attorney in Silicon Valley to Plan for Your Grandchildren’s College Education

Without a doubt, one of the joys of being an elder law attorney in Silicon Valley comes from seeing the pride clients have in their grandchildren.  They continually tell us how amazing it is to see their children become parents … Continue reading

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Is Probate Such a Terrible Thing? | Probate Lawyers In The Bay Area

Probate attorneys in the Bay Area are well aware of how difficult the process can be for families and friends who are grieving, for those who value privacy, and even for those who need to get an estate closed to … Continue reading

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